An electronic music unit based in Tokyo, Japan. In 2021, the artist and musician munnrai (ex: ALT), known for producing numerous visual works, teamed up with Zhettaro Okazaki of the noise-hop club MAMMOTH, active both domestically and internationally. This collaboration was sparked by their session on the DOMMUNE program. Together, they formed a fictitious IDM entity rooted in an aleatory system centered around modular synthesis, pushing the boundaries of their combined intelligence quotient (IQ³) to its critical point. The result is an electrifying fusion that elevates the music to new heights. A thrilling sonic adventure indeed! 🔊

IQ3 {アイ・キュー・サン}
東京を中心に活動する電子音楽ユニット。音楽家・芸術家であり数々の映像作品を世に放つアーティストmunnrai(ex:ALT)と国内外で活動するノイズホップクラブMAMMOTHの岡崎絶太郎がDOMMUNEの番組内でセッションしたことをきっかけに2021年に結成。 モジュラーシンセを中心に置いたアレアトリーシステムをベースに、2人の合計知能指数(IQ3)の臨界点に挑戦する架空のIDM捏造繝シ繧キ繧ケ繝�Β繧偵�繝シ繧ケ縺ォ縲�シ剃ココ縺ョ蜷郁ィ育衍閭ス謖�焚��IQ3�峨�閾ィ逡檎せ縺ォ謖第姶縺吶k譫カ遨コ縺ョIDM謐城€�縺ョ謌先棡縲ゅい繧イの成果。アゲ↑